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The most powerful brands are built by teams of people working together seamlessly throughout the marketing process.

The Opal Platform helps brand marketing teams collaborate, facilitating the production and orchestration of omni-channel campaigns. Opal's StoryFirst Framework creates an efficient structure, reducing complexity and aligning teams so they can create better results.

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Enterprise marketing teams collaborate much more efficiently & effectively with Opal to create high-impact campaigns that deliver consistent brand messages.


Your teams share a visually rich, comprehensive view of strategy, content and workflow.


Teams stay on the same page as they develop campaigns to present a clear, consistent story across every marketing channel.


The brand marketing process in one seemless platform, so teams avoid hours of inefficient work, putting the focus back on marketing.

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The Technology
Start organized, stay organized

Opal provides a platform and framework that ensure that your teams can do their best work together. 

The most complex campaigns scale up easily as the Opal Platform keeps strategy, workflow, communication, creative development, and content delivery on track. No need to dig through emails, spreadsheets, or file systems—The Opal Platform connects all your information and content elegantly, with an intuitive, visual experience.

You can look forward to:
  • Hours of time saved per person/week
  • Building the confidence that drives better decision-making at every step of your process
  • Unparalleled ways to visualize, assess and improve your brand stories before launch
  • The precise coordination that delivers a consistent brand experience across all channels
  • Double-digit increases in campaign effectiveness
The StoryFirst Advantage
Unite around your story

Today, many campaigns get started with individual tactics, created for individual channels. Opal believes that every great campaign should begin with a unified story, told consistently everywhere it's told.

With Opal, your teams can easily relate strategy, content, events and channels to the core story at every stage of production. We call this method StoryFirst.

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The Evidence
Great brands seeing great results

See how Opal and the StoryFirst approach make a difference for some of our customers.

“Opal is a strategic hub used by our social media and creative teams to plan, review and organize social content that resonates with our guests. I am excited by the potential it brings to our integrated marketing efforts.”
Kristi Argyilan SVP, Media & Guest Engagement
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“Opal changes the way we do business around here. Your team is fantastic!”
Ashley Edwards Communications Manager
“Opal has set the standard. Best product, customer experience and support. Period.”
Ryan Turner VP Global Digital Engagement
“Opal allows us to compete at the same level as our competitors. In a quick visual way, it gives me a read on where are we today, and if we’re focused on the right things.”
Diego Núñez Sr. Director, Digital Marketing & eCommerce
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