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Teams that work better together produce better work

The Opal Platform connects your team throughout the brand marketing process so everyone is always on the same page. Teams work together seamlessly to produce consistent, cohesive campaigns. The result is a more efficient and effective execution of your strategy, with campaign details clearly visualized across all channels, in their final context — all before you launch.

See brand marketing efforts from any distance, at every angle

Whether you need to see the big picture or the smallest details, give your team the ability to create in harmony, with a clear line of sight into brand marketing production. Cross-functional teams see how their work is connected to the strategy – so everyone gets it right the first time.

Everything moving in sync

Ensure that everyone is working from the same page. The Opal Platform, with the StoryFirst™ framework, reduces the complexities of marketing production. Create authentic brand experiences for every consumer touchpoint with consistency across channels and regions.

Liberate your team’s full potential

When your people, processes, and tools stay connected from start to finish, they unlock creative and strategic potential — producing more effective marketing and improved results. Opal enables a seamless process from brief to deployment so teams can do more with less.

Unite around the story

Key messages and goals. Concepts and audience profiles. The desired look and feel. These elements create the story brief—the basis for a powerful enterprise campaign. Opal’s StoryFirst framework allows you to make the story your organizing principle from the start. With the story at the heart of your campaigns, you can keep everyone on the same page no matter how big or complex your campaigns grow.

The StoryFirst Advantage
A Framework

A framework enabling the entire organization with an efficient structure throughout the brand marketing process. Everyone involved in the campaign can easily apply it to their work, ensuring teams, channels and regions are always on the same page.

A Method

A method for producing and orchestrating brand marketing for the omni-channel ecosystem.  StoryFirst™ aligns teams by breaking down communication barriers and simplifying channel and regional complexities. Working in Opal with StoryFirst™, every brand marketing effort can start organized and stay organized.

An Opportunity

An opportunity to make your brand stories more consistent and powerful. Give your campaigns a boost. Give your teams the gift of collaboration and allow them to work smarter, together

Making the Business Case
Expect enterprise-grade performance

The Opal Platform scales to the demands of the world’s largest organizations—all while delivering best-in-class performance and uptime. Our multiple around-the-clock performance monitoring systems ensure a consistent, reliable experience.


Protecting your data is our top priority. We employ enterprise-grade data security and reliability protocols, with safeguards that satisfy the world's most security-sensitive organizations.


Without disruption to current systems, the Opal Platform is easily configured to your business, organization, and channels. It is designed with a flexible API to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and a framework to enhance your capabilities.


Safely orchestrate your most complex campaigns in Opal without risk of content going live prematurely; the platform does not directly publish content in any channel. Your teams can experiment and push creative boundaries freely within a safe workspace.

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