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The 7 Values That Make the Opal Team Exceptional

Be exceptional.

If boiled down, Opal’s values lead to these two words.

We define exceptional as:

  1. Unusual; not typical
  2. Unusually good; outstanding

We tell every employee on their first day ‘You came here to do the best work of your life’ and we fully believe it. But telling our employees to ‘be exceptional’ isn’t exactly the most descriptive prescription, so we developed seven core values that we strive for all Opal employees to embody.

Unveiled at our first Opal Summit, these values unite us around a singular focus, guide us in our decision-making, and are the cornerstones of the culture at Opal. They impact all aspects of our business: how we develop product, serve our customers, collaborate together, and ultimately how we have built a world-class company.

The following values provide the foundation of what it means to be exceptional at Opal:

Intentional – Provide value

Every single touchpoint reflects an experience for our customer — whether it’s a support call, sales pitch or customer review. We seek to deliver intentional value for our audience. This is how we win every moment.

“Intentional is a powerful value that helps guide really thoughtful decision making. If we are rolling out a new internal process or building a new capability, we often spend the most time on the why. Being intentional from the start results in a better experience for the people we are creating for.”
– Erynn Baird, Customer Education Manager

Empathetic – Be Human

Everyone is going through their own unique struggles, including our customers and coworkers. Accepting this and seeking understanding makes us more human, which allows us to do better work.

“Showing empathy seems like such a simple undertaking — but the truth is, it’s one of the first things overlooked when you’re running a hundred miles an hour in a fast-paced working environment. I am so appreciative of the fact that we take the time to value and foster empathy in and around our work place. Our team shows up every day ready to listen to our community of Opal users, understand their problems and develop real solutions that drive both business and personal value for them.”
– Kendall Shepherd, Employee Experience Manager

Passionate – Invest in Yourself

We are committed to creating an environment where people can come in and do the best work of their lives. Your commitment is to show up with passion and pursue the opportunity.

“Being passionate not only helps us deliver a better experience and better product, it changes the environment of our work. It invites our team to invest themselves, be exceptional, and to accomplish exceptional things. It brings life and a sense of identity to our work that lasts long into the future.”
– Evan Reeves, Engineering Manager

Creative – Opalize It

In solving problems, it’s important that we approach them with deep understanding. Don’t just apply other people’s solutions to tick a box. Create your own solutions that fit Opal and always strive to make them better.

“The creative value is one part ingenuity and one part imagination. We always strive to solve our user’s needs by first asking what we can do today, while keeping our sights set on what the future might hold for the ways people want to work together better.”
– Andy Hugelier, Director of Product Design

Helpful – Lend a Hand

We value people who take initiative. If there is something to be done and you can do it, then do it. By jumping to help each other, we ensure nobody has to go at it alone. 

“When I think about our Helpful value, what comes to mind is doing your “good deed for the day,” and then doing it again and again. Volunteering, helping a colleague through a difficult task, redirecting your route to open the door, showing kindness during a hard time, or proactively reaching out to a customer are just a few ways I’ve watched my fellow Opalites display helpfulness.”
– Brandon Showers, Director of Solutions Engineering

Professional – Act as If

Be the person you aspire to be. Respect your coworkers, customers, and partners by being prepared, informed, and ready to go. Your reputation is built on how you carry yourself. Act as if and we can’t lose.

“I love Opal’s Professional value because it symbolizes showing up prepared, ready and willing to work and problem solve. Embodying the Professional value also indicates that as an individual and a team, you’re working toward a common, shared goal.”
– Katie Fletcher, Customer Experience Manager

Steadfast – Embrace the Tumble

Success isn’t linear — it is a series of ups and downs, but it’s what keeps us moving forward. Know that when we are struggling, it’s because we are about to succeed.

“Being Steadfast is fundamental to building a company in a new category where there isn’t a defined path. It takes a certain amount of resolve to stomach the growing pains and is a testament to the quality of our team that they can handle it.”
– Joey Gudenas, Senior Brand Designer

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