More than an investment in technology – it’s an investment in people.

Dedicated to your success

At Opal, we believe customer success starts with listening to people. Through listening, we develop relationships, relationships are the foundation for customer success when working with Opal.

Enhancing your world

We recognize that empowered teams are effective teams. To empower your team, we deliver a dedicated partnership, a personalized experience and ongoing support. We take pride in understanding your business, we translate your goals, objectives and workflow into your Opal experience. This makes working in Opal feel familiar and enables true collaboration, like you've always wanted.

"The Opal team brings their A-game to customer experience and product support. Without them, we wouldn't have met our aggressive timeframe. They’re all about making things happen and that really takes the pressure off of me."

Sekar Puly, Senior Program Manager, GMO Marketing IT at Microsoft
Champions of your success

We want you to win. We love to see our customers evolve and grow. Regardless of where you are in perfecting your brand marketing process, Opal will illuminate your path to success. Opal’s most successful customers challenge the status quo and reinvent the way brand stories are told. Opal is in your corner to help you succeed.

“The human connection for Opal is massive. They are dedicated to my success and my team’s success as much as my team is.”

Eric Toda, Global Head of Social Marketing and Content at Airbnb
Partners for your future

The complexity and speed of marketing will continue to intensify but our relationship will always be grounded. Through listening and learning, we will evolve your brand marketing process as your business evolves to keep your people operating effectively. This foundation enables success — no matter how the marketing ecosystem changes.

"Opal has set the standard. Best product, customer experience and support. Period."

Ryan Turner, VP Global Digital Engagement at Starbucks
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