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The Marketing
Collaboration Index

Opal created the Marketing Collaboration Index™ (MCI) to score and inform marketers on their levels of effectiveness across core marketing functions. Opal's MCI sets the standard metric for individuals and teams across marketing and communications functions.


Marketing Teams

Modern marketing starts with highly coordinated teams and empowered individuals working together across open creative platforms.

Better collaboration leads to more effective stories, fully aligned strategies, and high-performing marketing teams.

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How Do You
Stack Up?

Take Opal's 4-min assessment and see how you score across the key principles of modern marketing collaboration.

The MCI analysis measures how you work individually and across teams for insights that can help improve your overall marketing effectiveness.

The Principles of Collaboration

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Take Our
4-Minute Analysis

The Marketing Collaboration Index is how Opal measures
some of the best marketing teams in the world.

Your Marketing Collaboration Index score can be analyzed over time, aggregated from
multiple marketing teams, and then used to measure performance and show improvement.
Opal's customer experience team works with brands to improve their score and show real
increases in marketing collaboration.