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The visual marketing calendar that unites teams everywhere

See how teams at Microsoft use the Opal marketing and communications calendar to visualize work, build alignment and keep business moving forward.

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Visibility, in context

See all of your work with the context your team needs to be effective. See the bigger picture and be able to react with speed to avoid costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

One source of truth

Build alignment by organizing your work with one Source of Truth for your team, wherever they are. Create greater context so that teams can make informed decisions ensuring everything starts and stays aligned.

Work better, faster

Accelerate your team’s performance by eliminating the tools that slow you down. Optimize the way work gets done to keep things moving forward.

Our marketing and communications teams are truly united like they’ve never been before. We are saving valuable time, energy and resources using Opal as our marketing calendar.
Teams Across Microsoft Use the Opal Marketing and Communications Calendar