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Opal Presentations: Share Your Work Without The Struggle

by Opal Marketing

Do you spend hours building presentation decks to share your work or campaigns within your team or the larger organization? Are your requests for approvals getting lost in maxed-out inboxes? There’s a better way to share your work!

Meet Opal Presentations

Opal Presentations™ allow you to be more efficient and effective with your time by creating customized, interactive presentations of your work in Opal. Opal Presentations creates seamless, dynamic presentations with a few simple clicks. This means if you update or change content in Opal, say to the creative attached to a post, your presentation is automatically updated with the latest work. No more last-minute fire drills to update static presentations when the file has already been shared or sent out for review (say, with your boss who’s on a transatlantic flight). 

No matter what you want to share, or how you want to present it… if it’s in Opal, you can easily create and share a beautiful presentation without spending hours building a deck.

Sharing made simple

Presentations is a capability within the Opal platform that makes it practically effortless to share your plans and content in a visually appealing, easy-to-configure format. Simply specify the content you want to include by using our intuitive filter options and share it with anyone you’d like via a secure link for seamless, lightweight access. 

This means:

  • No more 65MB files for cumbersome downloads.
  • Secure links that are trackable, can be set to both time-based and user defined access, or pulled down at any time for security or compliance.
  • You can export your presentation to a PDF for traditional print and review sessions in the conference room or on the walls of your office.

Put your content front-and-center with Opal Presentations and start saving precious time now.

Customize how you view content in a presentation

The right content is at your fingertips

Whether you want to show off a content plan for a specific campaign or need approval for content in a specific channel, Opal can generate a presentation for your needs. Simply filter to view content by channels and accounts, stories, labels, date, or approval status. You can also customize how you visualize your content. For example, you can show content at a day, week, or month view depending on the depth of your review.


More than just showing

Opal Presentations is designed to do more than just help teams with presenting. Teams who work in Opal can take most of the same actions on a piece of content from a presentation that they could directly from the platform. Not to brag, but we think that’s pretty cool… and one sure-fire way to help marketing teams start winning back their nights and weekends.

Opal users can approve, download, share, make or view comments in chat and activity, and much more directly from a presentation. And with our recently released Canvas slide, you can now add custom slides to your presentations. When you need additional context or campaign results in your presentation, you can customize it by adding additional text or images. This makes it easy for viewers, reviewers, and approvers to see all of your content, and more importantly, context from one place.


The possibilities are endless

Okay we’ve covered the basics and you’re probably already thinking up all of the ways using Opal Presentations is going to make your (work) life easier. Let’s walk you through a few scenarios.

Let’s say you are responsible for reporting the success of a campaign or channel to your manager or leaders within your organization. We’ve got you covered. Just select the channel or story and filter by approved content to see all of the content that was used for a specific campaign (or period of time). With Canvas slide in Opal you can also add customizable slides to include text and images to report specific content or channel metrics.

What if you’re responsible for facilitating content reviews or getting approval on specific campaigns? Use Opal filtering to select content by approval status and send approvers a visually appealing, easy-to-understand presentation of everything that needs their approval. Less time hunting down or nagging your reviewers? Yes, please.

Are you responsible for communicating out plans for team or organizational alignment and visibility? If you choose, your presentations in Opal can be viewable by anyone who has been given access to the link (e.g. an agency team), even if they don’t have access to your team’s Opal workspace. This facilitates collaboration across teams. And for security reasons, your presentations link can be locked down via the sharing features I mentioned earlier to ensure it is only viewed by those who have been given access. Sound like magic? It’s Opal. 


If you are already an Opal customer and want to learn more about how Opal Presentations is about to make your (work) life a lot easier, visit the Opal Learning Center to view our on-demand webinar. You can also visit the Opal Help Center for additional guidance on how to create and use Opal Presentations.

Did all this talk about simplifying the content reviews process and sharing plans with a simple click give you major work FOMO? If you’re not in the Opal family yet, what are you waiting for? Request a demo to learn more and start winning back your valuable time by working smarter, not harder, in Opal.

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