Why (and How) Opal is Solving Marketing Alignment >

Finally…A Platform Built for Marketers

Purpose built for what marketers need, Opal empowers teams to plan and create with AI – then showcase everything on a visual calendar. When teams unite here, they spend less effort maintaining internal alignment and more time doing the work that matters.

Our Inspiration

The Opal platform grew out of helping a few close friends who managed marketing for legendary brands. They needed an intuitive way to organize their campaigns and content to see everything going into the market at once! Now that purpose is more relevant than ever. We know there’s a better way to work…it starts by uniting your team in the AI-empowered Opal platform.

Work Better Together

A Better Way

Every great story starts with a plan. Opal’s planning platform equips brand builders with a source of truth for all of their channels and campaigns — streamlining the entire marketing and communications process.

Get your work into Opal, and get your teams organized now.

About Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

You Are Welcome

Opal is committed to creating a workplace where you can show up as  your full self. We proudly celebrate the unique qualities, backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints each Opalite brings to the team.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy includes a variety of programs and initiatives designed to ensure that Opal is a welcoming, accepting, and engaging environment for every person. While this is an evolving process, and the work is never done, we are committed to continue challenging ourselves to be a more inclusive Opal.

The Opal Values

Open & Honest

We give feedback freely to others, and invite it actively for ourselves.


We are passionate advocates for our customers and obsessed with helping them build and protect their brand.


We do what we say and we take ownership of our success and failures equally.

Level Up

We level up ourselves, our knowledge, skills, processes and tools - we are all a work in progress.


We are Intentional in what we do with a focus on creating the best possible experiences for our co-workers and customers.


We are all one — a high performing, dedicated team. We win together.


We strive for excellence in our performance for our customers, co-workers, and Opal itself.

Ready to be a part of something exceptional?