Case Study: How Microsoft Sees Everything in Opal

Redefining how marketers
plan and visualize

Brand is everything. That’s why we built the only planning platform designed for marketers. With Opal, every team can experience their brand through the eyes of their customers.

Our Inspiration

Marketing and communications teams are experiencing challenges like they’ve never seen before. Teams are struggling to produce a high volume of effective content across channels, keep their processes organized, and deliver consistent audience experiences. We know there’s a better way to work… and it starts by uniting your team in the Opal planning platform.

Work Better Together

A Better Way

Every great story starts with a plan. Opal’s planning platform equips brand builders with a source of truth for all of their channels and campaigns — streamlining the entire marketing and communications process.

Get your work into Opal, and get your teams organized now.

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