Case Study: How Microsoft Sees Everything in Opal

Opal Unites Teams to do
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Everything we do is dedicated to this mission. We bring the marketing calendar to life for the world’s most exceptional brands.

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Our Inspiration

Marketing and communications teams are experiencing challenges like they’ve never seen. Teams are struggling to produce a high volume of effective content across channels, keep their process organized and deliver consistent audience experiences. We know there’s a better way to work… and it starts by uniting your team in the Opal marketing calendar.

Work Better, Together

A Better Way

We believe every great story starts in the marketing calendar.  The Opal platform streamlines the entire marketing and communications process by allowing teams to become foundationally organized, so you can have a bigger impact. Opal allows you to examine every step of your team’s workflow and optimize your calendar so your teams have exactly what they need, when they need it.

What are you waiting for? Get your work on the Opal marketing calendar and get your teams organized now.

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