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Dedicated Communication Management Software

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Manage the Team and the Message in One Platform

Opal is a dedicated comms management platform – with tailor-made features for communicators and PR professionals. That’s why Opal is the preferred choice among countless enterprise comms organizations to keep every team on-message and on-deadline.

Privacy Controls

Your messaging stays private until it’s ready for the public debut. Opal privacy controls ensure you can collaborate with teammates in total confidence.

Central Messaging Calendar

Orchestrate complex messaging from different teams, divisions, and executives flawlessly. This visual calendar is your source of truth for what is said and when!

Content Collaboration

Review content with teammates and stakeholders in a central space to dial-in on the perfect message. Then, compare side-by-side messages to ensure that all touchpoints align.

The perfect level of detail…every time. Opal delivers a 50,000-foot overview to see how dozens of messages work together – while empowering you to zoom-in on an individual image or line of copy.

Align around the Message

For communications organizations, creating a unified brand message is the north star. When promoting news, sharing internal stories, or responding to challenges, there’s nothing more essential than having alignment over what – and how – the brand communicates. Opal equips your organization with the tools to ensure that all messages are approved, that every milestone is met, and that everyone is on the same page.


Scenario Planning Boards

Prepare for anything by using free-form Boards to create messaging and procedures in preparation for emergencies.

Safe Space to Write

Privately draft long-form content in a rich text environment – with no risk of accidental publishing or the wrong person seeing it.

Request Forms

Not only will you standardize requests from across the organization, but these forms can also kick off workflows.

Visualize the Experience

With realistic content previews (email, web, LinkedIn, and more), you can see the message just like your audience will.

Automatic Workflows

Spend less time on communicating back-and-forth, while ensuring that key steps are never missed.

Status & Assignee Fields

Easily set & communicate need-to-know information about who is doing what, and when projects will be completed.

Why Opal?

Visibility into every message for every team.

Alignment around a single source of truth.

Confidently make brand decisions in real-time.

Working together in Opal frees us up. It allows us to know who’s executing and how to bring it all together to tell one really strong story.
Lance Trueb
Program Manager, REI
Opal allows you to plan and visualize your narratives both at a 35 thousand foot view, but also easily see what’s happening at every moment.
Kenji Onozawa

Import Content from Anywhere with the Opal Browser Extension

No matter how you work, bringing content into Opal is just as easy as building it in the platform.

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Connected to Everything Else You Need

Opal integrates with a wide variety of task management and point solutions. Your teams can still work their way, while enjoying the benefits of bringing everything together here.

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