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Marketing Project Management Software

Purpose-Built for What Marketers Need.

Trusted by leading brands everywhere

Opal is project management software actually built for marketers – with features that matter to marketers.

Not a one-size-fits-all project tool and not a ticketing system with shoehorned-in marketing features. Finally…marketers have a platform that is truly their own.

Seeing real content is a crucial part of what makes Opal ideal for marketing project management.

True-to-Life Content

Manage content exactly how your audience will see it. Opal’s content views are pixel perfect match for the most popular content types.

Central Calendar

Visualize individual projects or everything going to market on a custom calendar. It’s the most complete view of your brand.

Auto-Build Presentations

Turn work into polished presentations in seconds. You’ll keep leadership in the loop – without spending hours creating decks.

Opal is the ONLY marketing project management tool to offer true-to-life content. Other project management tools for marketers offer links and attachments to work – that’s no substitute for seeing the real work.

Marketing Lives Here

Managing marketing is nothing like standard project management. When you’re orchestrating marketing, a successful project isn’t one that’s just “done” – it’s one that drives impact. That means you’re sweating the details in a whole new way. From perfecting every line of copy, to coordinating dates for a nationwide campaign, you’ll manage every detail in Opal.

Supporting Project Managers & Marketing Ops

Marketing Boards

The free-form space where plans are made & creative projects start.

Custom Project Briefs

Assign projects complete with everything teams need to succeed

Chat & Activity

Communicate with your team in the context of your content & campaigns.

Automatic Workflows

Cut communication busywork & ensure that key steps are never missed.

Status & Assignee Fields

Easily set & communicate need-to-know information about projects.

Project Templates

Save time by re-running proven workflows.

Why Opal?

Visibility into every detail for every team.

Efficiency that gives you back valuable time.

Create better experiences by working with real content.

By The Numbers
Posts Created & Approved Per Day
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Hours Saved Per Month
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Global Markets Managed in Opal
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Bottom line: We couldn’t manage anywhere close to 17 markets without Opal.
Rebecca Dolan
Director of Organic Content and Engagement
Opal is perfect for getting the rest of the team on the same page and knowing what is happening with each project at all times.
G2 User Review

Seeing is Believing

From seeing your content exactly as your audience will to understanding how your brand will go to market, Opal is a truly visual project management platform.

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Import Content from Anywhere with the Opal Browser Extension

No matter how you work, bringing content into Opal is just as easy as building it in the platform.

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Connected to Everything Else You Need

Opal integrates with a wide variety of task management and point solutions. Your teams can still work their way, while enjoying the benefits of bringing everything together here.

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