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Opal + Your Tech Stack

Working your way in Opal made easy

With Opal’s integrations, you continue working in the platforms you know – change management made easy.
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Bring your customer experience insights into your marketing planning.

Dash Hudson

Plan content while referencing social analytics and listening data.

Facebook Ads Manager

Publish your paid Facebook ads directly from Opal.

Sprout Social

Create and publish social content from Opal to Sprout Social.


Send social content directly from Opal to your channels.


Connect Jira with Opal to easily track project statuses.

Adobe Workfront

Make your marketing workflows with Workfront + Opal.


Kickstart workflows with request forms and ensure your projects are up-to-date.


Sync with Asana to keep your projects and plans current.


Connect your custom workflows to the content & visualization of Opal.


Integrate with the status and task management of Smartsheet.


Create external requests that kickstart workflow in Opal.


Connect the convenience of Google Forms and Google Sheets with Opal.


Fast track uploading image and video assets into Opal.


Keep a pulse on approved content by directly connecting Slack and Opal.


Pair Firstup with Opal to better plan communications.

Work Better Together

Zapier + Tray.IOConnect Here

There’s no limit to working your way in Opal. Users can take advantage of leading integration platforms Zapier and Tray.io create countless connections between Opal and your stack. Not only are both of these platforms powerful, but they are intuitive to use. Regardless of what tools you use to build your brand, feel confident that you can bring them into context here.

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The Opal platform is designed to be integration-friendly – and our team is here to provide support.

Easy-to-Connect API

Opal endpoints are built to facilitate connections with the end user’s tech stack.

Custom Integrations

Leverage the Opal API to create powerful integrations customized to your team’s specifications.

Development Partners

Work with a certified Opal Development Partner to help accelerate your project.

Integrate with the best

While Opal is built to be the single source of truth when developing your brand, we don’t want to replace your tech stack. Here’s why connecting specialized tools makes sense for our customers:

Best-In-Class Features

Dedicated platforms center on best-in-class core competencies, rather than trying to cover everything.

Continuous Iteration

All Opal updates focus on expanding marketing planning and visualization capabilities.

Limit Change Management

Adopting Opal is refreshingly easy – no need to eliminate software that you’re accustomed to using.

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