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Your Source of Truth for Everything Content

Your coordinated brand stories – promoted across countless channels – all coming together in one purpose-built space. The Opal content marketing platform serves as your visual source-of-truth, showing how and when your stories go to market.

Real content in our CMP

Content Planning Boards

This free-form space serves as a place to brainstorm ideas with the team, write long-form content, or visualize email or social content. Whether you’re writing the first draft of a white paper or planning your promotional cadence, start here.

Central Calendar

In a glance, everyone can understand what stories are going live, how they are being promoted, and if there are any content gaps or collisions. This is the entire organization’s real-time overview into your content marketing program.

True-to-Life Content

Visualizing the experience your audience will have is at the centerpiece of any content marketing software. Our content previews enable you to see your social messaging, email blasts, text campaigns, web pages, and much more through the eyes of your audience.

Whatever you create – long-form blogs, email blitzes, or social media campaigns – bring it together here. Opal serves as the hub for everyone to plan content, build it, and see it all together as part of the bigger picture.

Better Content Every Step of the Way

More time writing the stories that matter to your customers – less time doing busywork and getting buy-in. From your earliest creative sparks to the final reviews, Opal supports every stage of the content creation process with solutions to unlock your team’s efficiency, all while ensuring everyone has the visibility they need.


Content Templates

Replay your most effective content pieces & the surrounding campaigns to get more content your audience loves.

In-Context Feedback

No more long email conversations! Reviews are delivered alongside the real work, ensuring reviews are speedy and content is mistake-free.

AI Content Writer

With a deep understanding of marketing copy & tactics, our AI writer is SO much better than using standard ChatGPT.


Turn a content campaign into a professional-looking deck in seconds – no effort needed on your part!

Asset Library

Manage visual assets in the same platform where you manage your content. Opal’s DAM-lite features ensure version control and governance.

Content Localization

When your organization publishes in markets all over the globe, localization features ensure consistency and accuracy.

Why Opal?

Everyone aligns around the message going to market.

More & stronger content in less time.

Your source of truth for content & related campaigns.

Working together in Opal frees us up. It allows us to know who’s executing and how to bring it all together to tell one really strong story.
Lance Trueb
Program Manager, REI
Opal allows you to plan and visualize your narratives both at a 35 thousand foot view, but also easily see what’s happening at every moment.
Kenji Onozawa

Import Content from Anywhere with the Opal Browser Extension

No matter how you work, bringing content into Opal is just as easy as building it in the platform.

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Connected to Your Publishing

With a suite of powerful integrations, you can leverage the best platforms in the industry to promote your content.

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Seeing is Believing

There’s no substitute for seeing your work through the eyes of your customer. When it comes to individual pieces of content, Opal does what no other content marketing platform can: side-by-side pieces of true-to-life content.

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