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From brainstorming to broadcasting

Plan, Create & Calendar in One Platform


Ready for campaign & content planning

Marketing planning starts here. Bring the team together in Opal Boards to collaborate on interactive briefs that grow into campaigns and content.

Plan your way while using Opal’s visualization features
Build templates, playbooks, content, & briefs
Seamlessly kickstart production and publication


Work on what moves the needle

Keep the team focused by equipping them with true-to-life previews, easy approvals, and auto-build presentations.

Experience your brand through your audience’s eyes
Never miss a step with powerful custom workflows
Reclaim time with auto-build presentations


See everything on the shared calendar

Your full marketing picture…in one shared calendar. Schedule here to stay aligned – and maximize the impact of your work.

See media mix, content gaps, & content collisions
Drive efficiency by managing content on the calendar
Focus on what matters with day, week, & month views + search
Group 9
"Where Opal really shines is allowing us to truly collaborate in a meaningful way across teams, functions, and channels, and to visualize the final planned content and campaigns on a timeline."
Joe Curry
Director, Digital Content Strategy
"As soon as a project is kicked off, we put everything into Opal: the brief, timeline, due dates, content, etc. Instead of checking three systems, all the teams that need that information now have a single source of truth."
Angelic Crippen
Project Manager, Creative & Brand Marketing Operations

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