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The most exceptional brands unite their teams in Opal

Opal is used by brands everywhere
Opal is such a time saver. Our team used to spend hours creating docs and presentations and chasing down reviews in email. Now everything is in one place and it’s amazing!
— General Motors Marketing

How Target Uses Opal to Produce 300 Pieces of
 Content Every Day

As one of the world’s largest and most iconic brands, Target is driven to provide a unique and consistent experience for their guests, whether online, in-store or in their marketing channels.

Case Study: How Microsoft Organizes Content Intake

Discover how Microsoft Learn achieved 67% faster content production by organizing intake with Opal. Not only is this a blueprint for a powerful way to use Opal, but it’s a fascinating story of an elite content team becoming even more efficient!

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Case Study: How INTERMIX Achieves Omnichannel Marketing Efficiency

Find out how INTERMIX upgraded its campaign planning process from sticky notes on walls and email threads to a centralized, digital hub with Opal.

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Reframing Personalization with Gabe Alonso

In Episode 2 of the Opal Foundations Series, we are excited to welcome Gabe Alonso to chat with us about his journey in marketing.

Opal has been a trusted partner for the past six years, and has proven the ability to scale within a complex and innovative organization such as Microsoft.
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