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The INTERMIX omnichannel marketing case study

[Case Study] How INTERMIX achieves omnichannel marketing efficiency

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Company profile

Founded in 1993, women’s clothing retailer INTERMIX curates designer and luxury fashion from around the globe. In addition to 43 boutiques across the United States, INTERMIX offers an online shopping experience and complimentary style consultations for its customers.

Industry: Retail & E-Commerce

Annual Revenue: $140M

# of Employees: ~500

Teams in Opal: Editorial, Design, Brand Marketing, Site Merchandising, Digital Marketing, Web Operations

By the numbers

  • Reduced content build time by 50%
  • Reduced approval times by 94%
  • Increased on-time campaign launches by 95%
  • Saving 15-20 hours per week

Challenge: Enable cross-functional visibility and timely approvals

When Angie Crippen joined INTERMIX in 2018, marketing project management consisted of 15-person email threads and workflows taped to the office wall. “The work management tool we were using only provided a place to house copy and images,” Angie recalls. “It really didn’t support the whole process.” Manual systems led to miscommunication, resulting in unapproved or incomplete content being published. “All the feedback was coming back-and-forth via email for every piece of content, and deadlines were easily missed. It was painful, and we made a lot of mistakes,” Angie admits. “There was no visibility, because everything just lived in my email.”

“Opal is our only point of reference that’s consistent. The visibility enables us to move faster and be more nimble than ever before.”
— Angelic Crippen | Project Manager, Creative & Brand Marketing Operations

Solution: Workflows and Chat & Activity in Opal

Angie began searching for a planning platform that could solve INTERMIX’s biggest challenges: tracking feedback and changes, simplifying approvals, and digitizing workflows.“I demo’ed a couple solutions that weren’t customizable and just wouldn’t work for us,” Angie says. Then an external referral sent Angie to Opal, which was already in use at other GAP brands like Old Navy and Athleta. “During Opal’s demo, I remember thinking, ‘Wow! This is what we need.’” Soon, all INTERMIX content creators and approvers for email marketing, brand marketing, paid and organic social media, site merchandising, and web ops were collaborating in Opal.

Results: Unprecedented visibility, faster approvals, and customized workspaces

Angie and her dedicated Opal Customer Success Manager partner to make the most of the platform’s flexibility, creating custom channels and content types. Today, approvals that used to take two days now take only an hour—centralized, trackable, and conducted directly in Opal. “As soon as a project is kicked off, we put everything into Opal: the brief, timeline, due dates, content, etc.” Angie explains. “Instead of checking three systems, all the teams that need that information now have a single source of truth. And Chat & Activity, my favorite feature, has created a sense of trust and accountability between marketing and leadership.” In fact, all pieces of the process have been streamlined, creating unprecedented efficiency for the INTERMIX marketing team. Since implementing Opal three years ago, Angie estimates that her team saves 15-20 hours every week.

Download the full case study here

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