Why (and How) Opal is Solving Marketing Alignment >

The Source of Truth for Enterprise Organizations

Tailored to Each Team

The Opal platform has the surface area to cover an omni-channel enterprise organization. However, that doesn’t mean we’re a one-size-fits-all solution. With a deep suite of products, teams are able to tailor workflows and features to their unique needs.

Efficiency Operationalized

Our platform has a track record of enabling teams to do more in less time. Even better, this efficiency is accomplished through streamlining processes – and automating busywork.

Delivering Organizational Alignment

The core mission of Opal is serving as a source of truth that delivers alignment to marketing and comms organizations. The larger the organization, the more difficult (and critical) achieving alignment becomes. Opal solves this where it matters most.

Our marketing and communications teams are truly united like they’ve never been before. We are saving valuable time, energy and resources using Opal as our marketing calendar.

Connect your planning platform
to your marketing tech stack

Opal makes it easy to seamlessly integrate with all of your
enterprise marketing tools.

Integration Adapters

Connect to your marketing technology stack with access to a portfolio of proven integration adapters.

Custom Integrations

Leverage the Opal API to create powerful integrations customized to your team’s specifications.

Development Partners

Work with a certified Opal Development Partner to help accelerate your project.

Featured Integrations

Make your assets more accessible

Connect to your marketing technology stack with access to a portfolio of proven integration adapters.

Easily send content for publishing

Be confident knowing the content you intend to publish is the only content that will.

Keep everyone on the same page

Ensure the status of every project stays in sync with the context to keep your teams moving forward.

Enterprise-grade security

Opal takes data security as seriously as you do. We understand the significance of the trust that our customers place in us and our ability to protect their data.

Opal safeguards our customer’s data by applying a wide range of best-in-class security practices, third party auditors and compliance with international data privacy and protection requirements.

A world-class team aligned to your success

Opal provides best-in-class support to make sure your teams are set up for success. Working together in Opal creates unprecedented visibility, builds team alignment and improves operational efficiency. The Opal team is dedicated to your success through:

  • Enterprise customer success management
  • Industry-leading SLAs
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • On-site and/or remote trainings
  • On-demand courses and webinars
  • Technical support
Give your teams a better way to work