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Opal and Forrester Retail marketing research

[Forrester Webinar Download] Operational Alignment Fuels Content Marketing

We commissioned Forrester to interview 151 CMOs, VPs, and Senior Directors of Marketing – and write a report on the state of marketing in 2023. Here’s what we found:

  • Only 1% of marketers said their organization’s content planning and execution strategies are seamless
  • 77% of marketers said that organizational silos make aligning on strategy difficult
  • 87% of marketers say their organizations need better hardware/software to achieve desired alignment
  • 89% of marketing leaders say that connecting planning, creation, and calendaring is necessary for content to succeed

The full research delves into why organizations struggle with alignment, how leaders judge the effectiveness of marketing, pain points of organizational misalignment, and more.

To bring this cutting-edge marketing and tech research to a wider audience, Opal and Forrester hosted a live webinar with Opal CEO George Huff and a Principal Forrester analyst. In addition to highlighting and explaining the data, they shared from their long experiences of working with marketing leadership.

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