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Marketing Request Forms via Formstack

by Lee Dussinger

The ability to make project requests to the marketing team is a critical component of workflow for organizations of all sizes. Whether someone is requesting a one-off piece of content or enablement – or need a full campaign – it often begins with a simple marketing request form. 

For our customers, Opal is the central hub where marketing work is done – and where the workflow around it is managed. For anyone with an Opal seat, making requests to teams is simple – and there is clear visibility around the request and the work itself. That system works very well. However, there was a desire among our customer base for non-Opal users at organizations to be able to make requests to their marketing teams – without having a seat in the platform. 

We knew we needed a marketing request form that would live externally, yet could start work in Opal. That’s why Opal partnered with Formstack.

How the Opal + Formstack Integration Works for Customers

For customers who connect Opal and Formstack, anyone at the organization can complete a form to automatically make a formal marketing request to their team in Opal.

Here’s what you need to know about Opal + Formstack: 

1. Opal sets everything up. Firstly, our team creates all of the custom Formstack request forms that your organization needs – based on your specifications. After that, we create the staging area in your Opal that the completed forms will populate. 

2. These request forms live externally and can be embedded in emails or on webpages. 

3. Whenever someone fills out a form, the submitted request immediately populates a board. Depending on what you decided during setup, this can automatically kickstart workflows. 

4. Depending on what you request, the forms can be adaptable and provide different questions as choices are made and information is filled in.

5. Documents can be attached to the requests and will appear alongside the assignment in Opal. 

Benefits of Our Marketing Request Integration 

While convenience is certainly the core value of this integration, there are several other key benefits: 

Every Team Member Can Make Marketing Requests – This integration enables any team member to be able to work with the marketing team in the preferred channel. Accessing the creative service center of your marketing team is now easier.

Marketing Team Always Starts with the Right Info – The marketers fulfilling these requests also benefit from this as well. Rather than having to activate against incomplete assignments, they get a complete marketing brief every time. This is a side benefit of formalizing assignments with standardized request forms

Save Time by Streamlining Communications – Replacing Zoom calls or back-and-forth email chains to make marketing requests saves everyone time. 

Expands Opal as a Source of Truth for Marketing – For many organizations, Opal is a source of truth for their finished marketing work. By adding a solution for intake requests, Opal also houses the requests that lead to the final work. 

No Additional Work for Your Team – This integration is 100% set up and managed by the Opal team. From handling the set up, to making new forms when relevant, your team doesn’t need to spend any effort here. 

Why Opal Chose Formstack

Opal chose Formstack to provide this solution for several reasons: 

Features – As a dedicated form platform, Formstack offers a truly robust suite of features. From adaptable forms, to the ability to start workflows, Formstack offers everything users need. By connecting with Formstack, Opal has immediate feature parity with the other marketing project management platforms. 

Prominence – Formstack is a widely-known and trusted platform. Many Opal customers were already familiar with Formstack – and some already used it. 

Security – Just like Opal, Formstack puts a focus on data security. This proves especially important to our enterprise customer base

Connect Opal and Formstack Today 

For any Opal customers wanting to leverage the convenience of a Formstack integration, it is available right now. The first step is to reach out to your CSM or sales rep to discuss the next steps.

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