Working With Opal

Putting People First

Customer success starts with listening and building
relationships as a foundation for insight and growth.


Enhancing Your World

Opal delivers a dedicated partnership, a personalized experience and ongoing support. We take pride in understanding your business, we translate your goals, objectives and workflow.

Champions Of Your Success

We love to see our customers evolve and grow. Regardless of where you are in perfecting your brand marketing process, Opal will illuminate your path to success.

Partners For Your Future

Through listening and learning, we will evolve your brand marketing process as your business evolves to keep your people operating effectively.

The human connection for Opal is massive. They are dedicated to my success and my team's success as much as we are.

Eric Toda
Global Head of Social Marketing & Content

The Opal team brings their A-game to customer experience and product support. Without them, we wouldn't have met our aggressive timeframe.

Sekar Puly
Senior Program Manager, GMO Marketing IT

The world’s leading brands use Opal for marketing collaboration

Great Brands Seeing Success With Opal

Hear from marketing team members at HTC, Microsoft, REI, Skullcandy and Target as they share their Opal experience.

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Target lovingly refers to Opal as the "source of truth" for marketing. Learn how Target delivers quality experiences to consumers.

Video: Airbnb + Opal

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