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Operational Alignment Fuels Content Marketing

Opal x Forrester

Get the scoop on Forrester’s latest marketing alignment research

Operational Alignment Fuels Content Marketing

Marketing alignment is at the core of what Opal provides, a platform helping organizations drive alignment. We are so passionate about this subject that we commissioned a research project with Forrester to understand what marketing alignment looks like in large marketing organizations today. With this collaboration, we not only received a snapshot of this research study’s findings but also hosted a live webinar to go over the research. Both of these are available for you to consume!

Watch the Webinar

To bring this cutting-edge marketing and tech research to a wider audience, Opal and Forrester hosted a live webinar with Opal CEO George Huff and a Principal Forrester analyst. In addition to highlighting and explaining the data, they shared from their long experiences of working with marketing leadership with these key discussion points:

  • Breaking Down Marketing Silos: Overcoming the Obstacle Course of Modern Marketing.
  • Harnessing Technology to Forge Alignment.
  • Leadership & the Art of Seamless Alignment.
  • Winning Hearts & Minds: The Strategic Art of Gaining Leadership Buy-In.
  • Decoding the Traits of a Misaligned Brand.

Download Forrester Snapshot

Opal commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey 151 CMOs, VPs, and Senior Directors from the technology and retail sectors. You can download the full research right now for free. These are some critical takeaways:

  • Only 1% of marketers said their organization’s content planning and execution strategies are seamless.
  • 77% of marketers said that organizational silos make aligning on strategy difficult.
  • 87% of marketers say their organizations need better hardware/software to achieve desired alignment.
  • 89% of marketing leaders say that connecting planning, creation, and calendaring is necessary for content to succeed.