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Marketing’s New Source of Truth

The purpose-built marketing platform that connects strategy to execution, while delivering value for every member of the team.

Trusted by leading brands everywhere
89% of CMOs believe alignment is important to succeed, yet only 1% say they have it.
— Forrester Research: Operational Alignment Fuels Content Marketing

What’s in a Marketing Source of Truth?


I see our brand’s work like our audience will – and I know how that work drives the business outcomes that matter.


I instantly understand how the brand goes to market – and see who is doing what to make that happen.


I always understand the priority of my work, the motivation behind it, and the audience for it.

Opal transforms marketing from top-to-bottom

From multiple, disorganized plans to an always-visible strategic northstar 

From fragmented go-to-market plans to a single visual calendar

From uncertain progress on work to clear visibility with self-serving data

From disconnected copy and assets to true-to-life content previews


Essential Capabilities

Strategic Planning

Create and collaborate on high-level strategies, while seeing how they connect to on-the-ground tactics.

Visual Calendar

Understand exactly how the entire brand is going to market – across every account and channel – at a glance.

True-to-Life Content

Zoom in on an individual campaign or piece of content to see it exactly how your audience will.

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