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AI-Generated Content Examples

by Lee Dussinger

Modern marketing runs on content. From social posts, to blogs (like this one), and email blasts, content is a supremely effective way to connect with or grow an audience. To move the needle, effective marketing teams are almost always required to produce large quantities of impactful written content. Because of this, interest in AI-generated marketing content has exploded in recent years (perhaps earlier than you think).

When ChatGPT went public in November 2022, it was a watershed moment that kickstarted the international fixation with AI. However, for years before that, marketers were experimenting with AI copywriting tools. The promise of generative AI for content creation is simple: more content in less time. 

Opal is the purpose-built platform where marketing comes together. Since we’re a platform built for marketers, we knew we needed to implement truly effective AI marketing copywriting tools. Rather than just telling you about our generative AI, though, we’re showcasing real AI-generated marketing content – in the form of videos and examples.   

Can AI Marketing Content Be Good?

Before we dig into Opal’s AI specifically, let’s address the question. Can AI content actually be good?

Absolutely! AI marketing content can be insightful, well-written, and it can even perform well on social media or search engines. Of course, AI-written content can also be terrible. We’ve all experienced bad AI content that is robotic in tone, doesn’t comprehend the format it’s writing for, or is full of incorrect info.    

The entire spectrum of possibilities exist in AI-generated marketing content. Ultimately, the  quality depends entirely on the tuning of the AI and the skill of the human working with that AI.

Explore AI-Generated Marketing Content: Social & Email 

Saying Opal’s marketing copywriting tool produces publication-worthy content is one thing. Showing real examples is another. We’re highlighting real AI-generated content examples. Watch the video or click on any of the images to expand them to read the copy! 

Test 1: Email & Social Copy from a Brief 

For this test demonstration, we’re asking our AI to create an email and Instagram post from a very basic 3-sentence marketing brief. This replicates a very common type of assignment that copywriters often receive. 


Prompt for an AI content writer

This prompt provides a few basic facts about oat milk and provides the general assignment. Since this prompt is very sparse, it demonstrates that our AI copywriter is much more than just a content spinning tool.   

AI-Generated Instagram Copy 

AI generated marketing content example: Instagram

Here’s the first AI-generated content example. The first thing to call out about this piece of copy is how effectively the copy expands on the initial prompt. The AI copywriter utilizes the key facts from the note but treats them as individual pieces of information. Also, notice how the post effectively matches the casual tone of Instagram content.  

AI-Generated Email Copy

Marketing content example: email copy

Another AI-generated content example – this time, for email. Once again, the format has been respected with a length and paragraph structure that you’d expect to see in this medium. While there are likely tweaks an actual person would want to make before sending this email copy, it is a fantastic first draft.  

Test 2: Email & Social Copy from a Blog 

For this next demonstration, we’re asking our AI to perform one of the most common tasks that human copywriters are asked to do: writing promotional content for a blog. From our own editorial team’s experience as well as our customers’, we can say this is an incredibly common use case. Since the blog copy is already in Opal, adapting it into other materials is effortless. 

AI-Generated Blog Copy 

AI content example: blog

While the video doesn’t mention it, the blog copy is all an example of AI-generated copy. From a very simple prompt, generative AI is able to weave a compelling and accurate piece of long form copy. To get a blog like this ready for publication, a human editor will first and foremost need to fact check the concrete details. In addition, when editing AI content, there is often a need to trim down some of the excess verbiage the generative AI often uses.  

AI-Generated Facebook Copy 

AI generated content example: facebook post

Promoting a piece of long-form content through social channels is a very typical play as part of a content marketing strategy. While those posts are an effective tactic in the overall strategy, they don’t require as much creativity – and are ideal for artificial assistance. This AI Facebook post example is publishable as written here. The AI copywriter respects the format and tone, while drawing all information from the long-form blog.  

2 Reasons Opal AI is Different 

Creating AI-generated marketing content has been appealing to marketers from the very first moment they laid eyes on the tech. Marketers immediately began plugging their prompts into basic ChatGPT and hoping for the best. While that basic chatbox can deliver strong content, it’s not truly optimized for creating marketing materials. 

Here’s why the experience using Opal AI is better for marketers than using default ChatGPT:

1. Embedded Where You Work – Opal is a platform where marketing work already happens. Incorporating AI into the marketing platform and marketing calendar software that users already use is more efficient and opens up more possibilities than adding another point solution. As is the case for the AI content examples from our videos, the convenience factor of having the AI in your workspace can’t be beat. 

2. Marketing-Specific Prompt Engineering – Basic ChatGPT is intentionally industry agnostic to serve the widest audience possible. From college students using it to write term papers, to people writing their wedding vows (seriously), it is meant to be broad. A marketing-specific AI content generator has been trained on marketing language, typical content formats, and much more. This enables artificial intelligence to create more compelling content. 

An Overview of the Opal Platform

Opal is a marketing planning platform designed specifically for marketers. It’s trusted by top brands like Target, Starbucks, and GM. With Opal, you can plan, create, and organize your content all in one place. Plus, when you work in Opal, you have access to a real marketing-trained AI co-pilot to help you out.

If you’re interested in Opal, you can schedule a custom demo to see how it works. During the demo, a specialist will show you how Opal can meet your specific marketing needs.

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