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Exploring Opal’s AI Rewrite

by David Gorman

When it comes to the written word, marketers have an innate understanding of what sounds good – and what will resonate with readers. This is the exact skill that lets them succeed in their marketing profession. The human mind can be a wonderful, infinitely creative thing – except when it’s not. Writer’s block sets in at the worst time, the idea well sometimes isn’t as deep as we want, and generally it would be nice if the brain could do more and do it faster. This is where mental augmentation, in the form of AI, can save the day.

Pairing the human creator with an AI rewriter unlocks creativity for writers, strategists, and marketers. The synthesis of human creativity and the speed of a Large Language Model (LLM) comes together in Opal’s latest feature: AI Rewrite. 

Here’s what AI Rewrite does: 

  • Opal Rewrite almost instantly revises any piece of text-based content (social, email, long-form)
  • The inputs enable users to select a new tone or a new approach – as well as find and replace individual words or big-picture concepts
  • The AI then generates a variation alongside the original content 
  • This feature is available for every piece of content in our marketing platform

While our AI rewriting feature is the latest addition to our platform, it is only the tip of the iceberg at Opal. Opal is the marketing platform that enables enterprise brands to organize complex plans and create marketing content at-scale. 

Let’s review more specifics of our AI Rewrite feature, demonstrate the differences between it and a standard text re-write tool, and showcase the most effective ways to use it.   

Compared to a Traditional Text Rewrite Tool 

If you Google it, you’ll find a litany of AI-powered text rewriting tools. Some truly valuable, some less so. While content spinning applications have been around (in less-sophisticated forms) for years, the generative AI revolution has led to far more effective content rewriting applications over the past two years.

Both Opal’s AI Rewrite and other text rewrite tools have the ability to understand a piece of content and then create an original piece of text from that. However, there are several essential differences that set our feature apart from the public options: 

Opal is tuned for marketing content – A traditional paragraph rewriter most often is simply a standard ChatGPT text box. No tuning, no meaningful prompt engineering. That’s acceptable for the more casual uses. However, marketing professionals require a more sophisticated implementation. We intend for Opal AI Rewrite to produce a high enough standard of work that the content can go to market.

Adherence to specific formatting – Here’s the clearest point of comparison. Most standard AI tools only offer a simple block of text as their output. They have no concept of the role that formatting plays in defining the message, or the amount of effort structuring content takes. Opal’s AI Rewrite carefully considers the format of the requested medium. The upshot is a re-written social post or homepage update will maintain its formatting and structure – carousels and CTAs stay as such, length and paragraph breaks are maintained, and the content remains tonally-appropriate for the channel. Not only is the output higher-quality, but it saves time and reduces human error.

More than rephrasing – Strictly speaking, most text or paragraph rewriter tools simply just rephrase the text. Basically, the AI will just swap out the words and change the structure slightly. These tools can’t bring anything actually “new” to what you’ve written. 

Since marketers need more sophistication in their rewrites, we offer the ability to change the tone, alter the approach, or even perform a find-and-replace of text or ideas in the content. This allows you to provide specifics that the new draft will follow. This added functionality means that we offer true, topical rewriting rather than simple rephrasing. 

Opal also offers marketing-grade AI translation in our platform

Lives where you already work – The final reason that our AI content tool is a part of our customers’ workflows is that it is embedded where they already work. Rather than having to seek out an external tool, this function is at their fingertips, embedded alongside every piece of content they produce. Of course, this also means that the only way to access AI Rewrite is to work in Opal.

Use Cases for Content Rewriting 

The central philosophy of any AI application Opal builds is to create something that will enhance the way our customers work. We don’t build gimmicks that let us check some theoretical box as an AI platform – we strive to build tools that marketers will actually use. 

Out of the gate, these are the three leading uses of Opal AI Rewrite:

1. Editing Content – Creating content at-scale often leads to the need to make edits at-scale. By handling their content approvals in the Opal platform, brands have always saved time. AI functionality makes that time savings even more profound.  

Our AI revision tool enables you to make holistic edits to a piece of content in seconds. Whether you want to refine it by shortening the length – or by simplifying the language – conceptual edits like this are no problem. You can also take comments out of Opal’s built-in chat capability and feed that into AI Re-Write for edits directly informed by feedback. 

2. Exploring Fresh Directions – For marketers and content creators, finding the right message is everything. Whether that’s the subject line that compels a recipient to open your email, or a social post that prompts a click-through.

With AI Re-Write, you get unlimited access to as many different directions for content as it takes to find the perfect one. Whether you want to explore different phrasing or a totally different approach, you get an outcome in seconds. This allows you to see every idea in full – rather than just thinking, “What if I tried something like this?” Ultimately, the more ideas you see, the better content you can publish. Marketers also use Opal’s AI brainstorming tools for this outcome.

3. Repurposing Successful Content – When creating content campaigns, repurposing previously successful content is a huge victory. Not only does it trim your time investment, but it enables you to bring a proven message to the market again. Opal AI Rewrite enables you to repurpose content in a whole new way.

Learn more about how SAP Concur repurposes content in Opal.

With the advanced find-and-replace feature, you can take the wording and structure of effective content and update the topic very quickly. For example, you can entirely re-create a 4th of July post to feature Thanksgiving instead – all with limited manual effort. The AI will update everything in the post – far more than just the holiday names – giving you an original piece of content based on a proven structure.

As our customer base has more exposure to the tool, we expect to see creative new use cases emerge organically.

Editing with an AI Co-Pilot 

As someone who pioneers implementing AI solutions for marketers, some might assume I might be dismissive of the writing craft or of human creativity as a whole. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

I have a profound respect for the irreplaceable capabilities of the human imagination. In fact, that is the exact reason why I have prioritized bringing AI solutions to creatives in Opal.

I want to see people think more and do less. Let’s draw from the specific use case above. Rather than spending the majority of your time typing out the specific wordings for one or two content variations, I would rather a writer brainstorm 20 different variations with AI and then focus on editing the chosen idea.

The truly valuable human ability there isn’t writing out a ton of content variations, but instead considering the ideas, picking the best approach, and applying any final tweaks. Leveraging a powerful AI co-pilot empowers you to do more of the thinking only you can do.

Try the Opal Platform 

Opal is a marketing planning platform created specifically to meet the needs of marketers. It is used by top brands such as Target, Starbucks, and GM. Opal enables marketers to plan, create, and organize their content in a central location with the support of an AI co-pilot.

If you are interested in learning more about Opal or you think it may be a good fit for your organization, please schedule a custom demo to see the platform in action. During the demo, a specialist will guide you through the platform’s capabilities and how they can address your marketing needs specifically.

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