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[Webinar] Learning from Opal’s Implementation Playbook

Implementing a new software across enterprise organizations is challenging, nuanced, and not for the faint-of-heart! 

So, what separates a successful rollout with a total failure-to-launch? The right strategy! 

Years of refining our processes around software implementation has led us to develop a proven playbook for successful software onboarding. For the first time ever, we’re sharing this playbook with the world! 

Meet Your Hosts 

Lee Dussinger: Sr. Content & Product Marketer

Makenna Polan: Implementation Lead

What you’ll learn by watching…

  • The most common reasons software implementations fail
  • A proven strategy and cadence for live training
  • The most effective on-demand education content & comms
  • Different strategies for handling change management
  • Countless other implementation insights

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