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True Content Crimes

[Webinar] B2B True (Content) Crimes

One of the hottest live sessions from Content Marketing World 2023 is back (virtually) – and OPEN to everyone! Join our content detectives as they explore the common problems and pitfalls that plague B2B content creation!

The Scoop

B2B brands have wonderful stories to tell – so content that’s snooze-worthy is a first-degree marketing felony! Join Rebecca Dolan, Director of Content at SAP Concur, and Lee Dussinger, Senior Content & Product Marketer at Opal, as they investigate cold content cases and red-hot viral hits! This tongue-in-cheek content review will highlight actionable evidence of what to avoid in B2B social – and what tactics to adopt today.

Meet Your Detectives

Rebecca Dolan – Director, Organic Content & Engagement, Digital Marketing, SAP Concur

Rebecca leads the organic social media, employee social advocacy, peer-to-peer review sites, and website content for SAP Concur. She firmly believes that it's not enough to create content – you need to use it effectively. As a former journalist, she thrives on using her research and storytelling background to optimize digital experiences and to drive demand.

She has a proven track record of generating engagement, leads, and revenue through organic social media (and much more). In addition to compelling social content, Rebecca counts SEO, analytics, A/B testing, and salad (you read that right) as a few of her favorite things!

Lee Dussinger – Senior Content & Product Marketer, Opal

Lee leads the content marketing initiative at Opal, sharing product stories with customers – and creating blogs, whitepapers, and even webinars to introduce Opal to a new audience! With a background spanning agencies, local newspapers, and small businesses – Lee is most inspired by the B2B space because it is a chance to create content for equally passionate professionals.

As someone who builds marketing content everyday, Lee will dive into these Content Crimes with an eye towards understanding what went wrong, why it happened, and how to improve.

What you’ll learn by viewing…

  • The ability to recognize the most common B2B content mistakes
  • How to get away from jargon and a generic writing voice
  • How to create what your audience really wants
  • Compelling ways to talk about AI for your company
  • The basics of repurposing proven content

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