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Opal + Khoros: Looking into the Future

Opal and Khoros have a vision to share. Both brands are keenly interested in what’s on the horizon in the social media marketing space for 2024 and beyond. There’s no question that we have a vision for what that future looks like – but we also want to hear what outstanding marketers think is coming their way, too. 

Opal and Khoros are bringing marketers together for one-night-only events in the United States and England for three main reasons: 

  1. Good things happen when good people get together 
  2. We both want to share what we see coming our way
  3. We both want to hear from our marketing peers

We hosted an event at Moontower Cider in Austin, TX on Thursday, February 8th and had fantastic conversations.

To see the full picture of what’s on the horizon for social, come to our England event on March 6th! However, here we’re sharing an appetizer of our favorite insights to capture your attention: 

  • Social e-commerce sales are expected to crack $1 trillion by 2025
  • Nearly 40% of Gen Z prefers TikTok over Google for search
  • 70% of business owners/leaders think AI will have a future in writing social content

Get to Know Opal & Khoros

Opal is the platform where marketing comes together. Combining a visual calendar with content creation and project management features, Opal is built for marketers’ biggest challenges. 

Khoros empowers brands to engage customers on every channel, by providing online community management, social media marketing, social media analytics tools, and more. 

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