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[Case Study] How Madhappy Found Efficiency & Alignment 

by Lee Dussinger

Founded in 2017, the Madhappy clothing brand is defined by the theme of optimism. That spirit is infused into the messages on their apparel, the feel of their locations, the non-profit they sponsor, and – of course – their brand stories. The Madhappy marketing team works across a variety of channels to bring their brand to their audience. 

Industry: Clothing & Lifestyle 

By the Numbers

The Challenge

To meet the demand of their engaged audience, the Madhappy marketing team produces a large amount of content, including email blasts, SMS campaigns, social media, and more. The workflow that served the marketing team when they were a smaller company wasn’t sufficient when they grew. While the team was producing a lot of content, there was no central place to see and understand the status of that content. To even be able to find the content that needed reviewing, a Madhappy approver had to look in five or more places to understand what was being created. In addition, too much work happened in silos (think: text messages, Slack, email), which made it hard for everyone to be on the same page. 

“As a small organization that moves quickly, we were constantly struggling with too many methods of communication related to content, which created confusion internally,” Director of Brand Marketing at Madhappy Ravi Shah said. 

This siloed and fragmented work made everything feel urgent. Plus, since there was no way to see the content edits being made, non-final versions of work ended up being published. Lastly, this lack of central alignment made coordinating the message between different channels and different product lines difficult. Ultimately, the Madhappy team needed a single source of truth.

The Solution

To fix these alignment challenges, the Madhappy marketing team brought the entire content planning and review process into Opal. The visual marketing calendar has quickly become Madhappy’s hub for everything going to market.  

“Opal has provided us with a singular source of truth that’s universal to all of our cross-functional team members, which has saved us countless hours of back and forth,” Ravi said. 

While achieving alignment around their brand was of paramount importance, Opal also empowered the Madhappy team to work more efficiently. 

Since the Content team created their work using Opal’s true-to-life mockups, approvers could review that content exactly how it would appear when it was live in the market. But that’s not the only way the team became more efficient: managing projects and communicating status in Opal proved much more efficient than working through email, Slack, and text, too.

“In our go-to-market process, everything is more organized,” Ravi said. “All we have to do is point to Opal. If it’s like that in Opal, that’s what it looks like.” 

The Result

Alignment and efficiency were two immediate benefits that the Madhappy team experienced. By centralizing their approvals process, the team was able to save about 25 hours per month on content reviews. The more-efficient workflow also resulted in 40% faster content approvals, which empowers the team to tell more stories, faster

However, that wasn’t the only major win the organization experienced…

“In addition to helping us create efficiencies for current and upcoming projects specific to our Marketing and Content teams, Opal has been an amazing source of documentation that allows us to record every decision down to the details,” Co-Founder & CEO at Madhappy Peiman Raf said.

For example, Madhappy just launched a crossover product with a top 5 footwear brand. Complex choreography between channels was involved – and the exact details were essential. Now they have that proven playbook recorded…and ready for the next campaign.  

“Being able to reference the intricacies of past marketing and content campaigns is extremely valuable to us in planning what we’re doing in the future,” Peiman said. 

Madhappy will continue to bring their clothing and their one-of-a-kind brand message to their audience. All the while, they’ll be working more efficiently and having alignment with Opal.

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Lee Dussinger

Senior Content & Product Marketer

Writing about campaign briefing, brand alignment, omnichannel marketing, content operations and more

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