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OPAL SOLUTIONS UPDATE | CONTENT MARKETING Orchestrate Winning Paid Media Campaigns with Opal

by Opal Marketing

In a world where consumers have the ability to like, share and download content 24/7, marketers are challenged to be more strategic and aligned to make their brand stories stand out in the feed.

Content marketers know that paid media campaigns are crucial in ensuring that the right audience not only sees their content, but experiences it in the context of a brand’s story. It’s safe to say executing effective paid media campaigns is more difficult than ever, and content marketing teams everywhere are experiencing the challenges that come with using paid media to drive traffic to their content.

Content marketing teams that can effectively collaborate are aligned in their plans and messaging, empowered with visibility into every detail that will bring the high level story to life, and able to make a real impact with their efforts— proving that effective marketing collaboration is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for successful paid media campaigns.

“One of our internal goals is to align our organic and paid. Opal will help us finally do that.”

Stay aligned from the beginning

One of the biggest challenges for content marketing teams is staying within budget for content initiatives with large volumes of content and paid programs to support them going out the door. Without the ability to strategically set and track budgets for paid media, there is no way to ensure that dollars are being spent in the right places.


With our new budgeting capabilities in Opal, planners can easily set a budget for a campaign and for specific content. Budgets set on a specific piece of content will be tracked against the campaign budget and users will be alerted if the allocated amount is exceeded. Opal provides content team leaders the ability to set and communicate budgeting information to everyone creating, reviewing and executing content — ensuring that all key stakeholders are aligned around critical budgeting decisions before paid campaigns take flight.

A streamlined review and approval process

Delivering relevant content marketing that resonates requires agility and speed. To facilitate content marketing at pace, content needs to be delivered to approvers in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-approve format.

Opal Presentations streamlines this (often) dreaded review and approval process by aggregating all content that needs review and approval in a way that is both visually appealing and intuitive. In Opal, content marketing teams can create dynamic, effective Presentations of all content needing review, with just one simple click. Approvers can then view and approve all content directly from the Presentation link. Reviewing all content and paid media campaign elements in one place makes it easy for approvers to understand the context of the overall campaign, and saves time by eliminating the need to approve content across different platforms or in individual emails, folders or drawn-out review meetings.

Review and approve content in context

Seamlessly facilitate the orchestration of paid content

Ensuring that content is properly communicated and prepped for execution is an important, yet often overlooked, step in the content marketing process. Successfully facilitating paid campaigns is crucial to ensure content is connecting with the right audience. With different content being promoted at varying times, it can be difficult for users to see the complete picture of all messages that are live in-market.

With the evolution of Timelines in Opal, you can easily view and manage the critical timing of your paid media. The ability to visualize a start and end date gives teams a complete view of what is happening and when. At any given time, you can see all content that is live. Opal Timelines can also be used as an effortless tool to alert facilitators when their content needs to be taken down so teams don’t go over budget, or content won’t interfere with any future campaigns (significantly reducing your team’s reliance on Post-Its or other outdated, unreliable means of communication!) Timeline provides the calendar-level summary that content marketing teams need to keep themselves, and their content, in sync.


Opal is the preferred collaboration platform for content marketing teams

As a content marketer, the fight to stay relevant is never ending. We hear you. Every tool in your marketing tech stack needs to be precisely executed in order to develop impactful content that works. Opal helps today’s most effective content marketing teams focus on the work that matters so they spend less time doing busy work and more time creating and orchestrating winning campaigns. With our exciting new Opal Budgets and Timelines enhancements, content marketing teams are more equipped than ever to overcome the common challenges of orchestrating effective paid media campaigns.

If you already use Opal (congrats!) and you want to learn more about the new Budgets and Timelines enhancements, please visit the Product Update page in our Opal Help Center.

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