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Foundations Episode 3 | Cate Abbott

Orchestrating Exceptional Guest Experiences with Cate Abbott, Director of Social at Target

by Matt Oxley

In Episode 3 of the Opal Foundations Series, we welcome Cate Abbott, Director of Social at Target. In this four-part conversation we cover everything from Cate’s personal journey as a marketer to how she leads a team at Target that is focused on creating exceptional guest experiences across social, while staying true to her mission as a marketer and navigating the challenges of this past year.

Cate has built a solid foundation for her career in marketing with strong roots in hospitality and a fundamental understanding of “making guests feel welcome.” So it makes perfect sense that Cate has applied that knowledge and passion to lead her team, which includes creatives, strategists and storytellers focused on creating content that “moves at the speed of culture.” Cate’s philosophical approach to content strategy includes striking the right balance between data and “art and gut instinct.”

She considers her leadership style to be ever-evolving, both personally and professionally. We believe she’s proven herself quite successful, as were you to survey any number of marketers today about who is winning in social content marketing, Target would be a front-runner for fan favorite. “We think of [our social platforms] as the host of a cocktail party you want to attend,” says Cate.

Scroll down to hear more from Cate on how she keeps her team foundationally organized with the visibility, alignment and efficiency they need to move quickly and keep the (content) party going.

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