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OPAL FOUNDATIONS SERIES Reframing Personalization with PepsiCo’s Gabe Alonso

by Matt Oxley

I hope you had a chance to check out our first episode of the new Opal Foundations Series. It’s inspiring to learn from Ashley about how NASA leverages their storytelling to inspire bold work, and capture the imagination of the world.  

In Episode 2 of the Opal Foundations Series, we are excited to welcome Gabe Alonso to chat with us about his journey in marketing.  Gabe is the new Head of Digital Platforms and Community for the Pepsi Energy Portfolio, and more importantly, a passionate and dynamic marketer who is obsessed with perfecting the recipe for personalization.

In this episode, titled Reframing Personalization, Gabe shares what he’s learned about marketing personalization from working for brands such as Nike, Gilt and Activision.  Throughout his career, Gabe has worked to perfect the balance between a science-based approach and the more artistic approach that fuses human behavior with creativity. Or more simply: “personalization done perfect, versus personalization done right.” Too much in either direction and you “just can’t win,” says Gabe. “At its core, personalization is perfecting relationships at scale.”


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We hope you enjoy learning from Gabe and are inspired by his knowledge, passion and unique perspective on personalization.

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