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[On-Demand Webinar] 3 Cs of Content Creation Management

Nonstop requests from every department pile into a never-ending to-do list for many content marketing teams; as a result, content creators reprioritize workflows and leave half-finished projects on the back burner. In addition, it can be challenging to keep other teams informed of your plans, resulting in missed opportunities, duplicative work, and a disjointed strategy.

In this webinar, join CMI’s Chief Strategy Advisor, Robert Rose, on the best practices behind creating a strategic planning process that helps content teams get clarity and measurability into the lifecycle of the content they work so hard to create. 

You’ll learn how to apply these 3 Cs of content creation to build an intentional brand experience and, ultimately, a single source of truth in content marketing: 

  • Collaboration – how a content creation management process enables true collaborative workflow, providing insight into the complete content creation lifecycle. We need to know everything that happened BEFORE we hit the big red publish button.
  • Calendaring – how to balance your content operation to reflect a forward-looking calendar instead of a list of all the things you’ve done in a rush. 
  • Communication – how better communication creates a more efficient process, and one where we know we’re speaking to the right persona, across the proper channels, with the right content.

Then, special guest George Huff, Opal’s Chief Executive Officer, joins Robert for a practical discussion about how content marketing ladders up to your creative strategy, thereby supporting a cohesive brand experience in-market.


Robert Rose

Robert is the founder and Chief Strategy Advisor of The Content Advisory - the consulting and advisory group of The Content Marketing Institute. As a strategist, Robert has worked with more than 500 companies including global brands such as Capital One, Dell, Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Robert is the author of three books. His latest, Killing Marketing with co-author Joe Pulizzi, was published by McGraw Hill in September 2017. He is also an early-stage investor and advisor to a number of technology startups, serving on the advisory boards of a number of companies, such as Akoonu, DivvyHQ and Tint.

George Huff

George Huff is the founder and CEO of Opal, which builds software that enables marketers to think creatively and develop engaging brand experiences. Opal, based in Portland, Oregon, serves many of the world’s biggest brands, including Starbucks, Microsoft, Target, and Nestlé to name a few.

Stephanie Stahl

As General Manager of CMI, Stephanie leads the brand’s event and digital operations – and gets to work with the best team on the planet! Previously, she served as VP of Content Marketing for UBM’s Technology portfolio, providing strategic guidance on content development, content optimization, audience engagement, and go-to-market platforms for technology clients. She's worked for UBM, which is now owned by Informa, for more than two decades, helping shape new multimedia content and event offerings. Stephanie lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband, and they enjoy spending time taking care of their many pets and visiting their two daughters on their college campuses.

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