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[On-Demand Webinar] Building a Better Content Machine

Content is the lifeblood of marketing. In recent years, content truly has become the most pivotal piece of a brand experience. Because content has never been more important, marketers needed an operational framework to improve the creation process. Enter content operations – a combination of smart practices and purpose-built tools dedicated to helping content creators stay aligned as a team and drive maximum impact.

Join content operations luminaries Cathy McKnight, VP of Strategic Consulting at The Content Advisory; George Huff, CEO of Opal; and Sol Weinreich, Vice President of Marketing at Opal.

To kickoff the webinar Sol Weinreich explores content operations in-depth, looking at the framework from a hands-on perspective. You’ll come away with an on-the-ground look at the five foundational principles of putting your own content operations framework into place:  

  1. Great content starts with brainstorming 
  2. Content briefs are a collaborative tool – not an assignment
  3. Earn approvals faster by getting out of chat and email
  4. Preview content how your audience will see it
  5. One marketing calendar…for everyone 

Once the foundational table is set, Cathy McKnight and George Huff share their perspectives on content operations as part of moderated discussion. Pulling from their extensive experience, the two marketing leaders delve into the “why” of content operations – as well as the transformative effects they’ve seen at brands of all sizes.


Cathy McKnight

From web content management (WCM) to social to marketing automation platforms, Cathy helps clients understand the value of content and marketing/content technology and put it to use to embrace their digital transformation from being information based to engagement-focused. A hybrid with deep experience in consulting, communications, and project management she has provided strategies and implementation roadmaps to dozens of companies from Fortune 100 to not-for-profits.

Sol Weinreich

As VP of Marketing and Revenue Operations at Opal, Sol leads all aspects of marketing strategy. Throughout his career, Sol has continued to evolve his approach of blending the art and science of marketing. Before Opal, Sol led B2B marketing and Revenue Operations at DataCamp, as well as various other roles at SaaS startups across marketing and strategic operations.

George Huff

George Huff is the founder and CEO of Opal, which builds software that enables marketers to think creatively and develop engaging brand experiences. Opal, based in Portland, Oregon, serves many of the world’s biggest brands, including Starbucks, Microsoft, Target, and Nestlé to name a few.

Stephanie Stahl

As General Manager of CMI, Stephanie leads the brand’s event and digital operations – and gets to work with the best team on the planet! Previously, she served as VP of Content Marketing for UBM’s Technology portfolio, providing strategic guidance on content development, content optimization, audience engagement, and go-to-market platforms for technology clients. She's worked for UBM, which is now owned by Informa, for more than two decades, helping shape new multimedia content and event offerings. Stephanie lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband, and they enjoy spending time taking care of their many pets and visiting their two daughters on their college campuses.

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