The Platform Promise

Everyone Working
Together On
The Same Page

The Opal Platform provides a framework to empower
your people & enhance your tech stack.

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Marketing Collaboration Starts Here

The most complex stories come together seamlessly as the Opal Platform keeps execution and delivery against the strategy on track. No need to dig through emails, spreadsheets or file systems—the Opal Platform keeps everyone focused and moving forward.

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Organized From
Start to Finish

Opal is a shared workspace that gets everyone on the same page. The platform creates a shared language and keeps everything organized for the entire brand.

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Visualize the
Big Picture

Opal provides a highly visual way of working that allows everyone to clearly see the experiences as they bring the details to life.

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Control the
Moving Pieces

Working in Opal removes ambiguity, creating order and supporting teams with the confidence that everyone is moving forward together.


Your Capabilities

Marketing today lives in a complex ecosystem of requirements that need to work together.

  • Connect your marketing technology stack to improve workflow and consistency.
  • Enable flexibility to adapt your capabilities to an accelerating pace of change.
  • Bring your people together with a collaborative approach to marketing production.

Scalable to
Your Business

The Opal Platform scales to the demands of the world's largest organization—all while delivering best-in-class performance and uptime.


The Opal Platform is easily configured to your business. It is designed with a flexible API to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and a framework to enhance your capabilities.

Platform Security

Protecting your data is our top priority. We employ enterprise-grade security and reliability protocols, with safeguards that satisfy the world's most security-sensitive organizations.

Open By Default


Opal enhances your investments in marketing technology by unifying your team's efforts, no matter what mix of tools you use.

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