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Ebook: Accelerating Innovation Through Collaboration

Building a marketing team is a tough task.

Building one with complementary pieces that can effectively collaborate is even harder.

Ask any executive if collaboration matters, and you’ll get a resounding ‘YES!’ Then, ask how collaborative their organization is and they’ll shuffle their feet and avoid eye contact. 

The many challenges to effective collaboration can be imposing. But we also know that when you are on the other side of those challenges, great marketing collaboration takes hold and innovation happens

We recently partnered with Carla Johnson, world-renowned CMO, storyteller, speaker, and marketing author, on our newest ebook Accelerating Innovation Through Collaboration.

Inside you will learn:

  • How NASA discovered innovative engineers 
  • How to design effective collaboration
  • The six archetypes of innovative teams
  • And how to identify the archetypes on your team

“Teaching and reinforcing collaboration across teams and departments is how you deliver exceptional experiences that produce results.”

– Carla Johnson, marketing speaker & author

Download the ebook to learn how to architect an innovative marketing team:

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